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Silver Care

Our craftsmen are experienced in all aspects of Jewellery care. We encourage you to bring your Mata Payal’s jewellery back to us for professional care and our Customer Service Associates can assist you. Caring for your silver jewellery – A few handy tips! We are sure that you are very excited on receiving your chosen piece of Mata Payal’s silver jewellery! Revel in the pride and joy of owning one. Your chosen item requires a little bit of care if you wish to flaunt off your precious purchase for a long time! PLEASE NOTE: We provide 1 year of free service of products purchased from Mata Payal’s, from the date of purchase. Here are some easy tips to help you take care of your silver jewellery:
  • Always add silver jewellery to your outfit at the end when you are done applying makeup, cosmetics, perfumes and sprays etc. Wearing them earlier can cause your silver jewellery to lose its shine and tarnish easily.
  • Avoid using Velvet Boxes for Storing Jewellery.
  • Be sure to remove your silver ornaments when you are going to clean, wash or work with chemicals etc. These have the potential to significantly reduce your product’s beauty and quality!
  • Going to have a swim? Although it may cheer you up, but it isn’t good for your silver jewellery! The chlorine present in the water at local swimming pools can cause damage to your silver, so do remove them before you have a swim.
  • All necklaces should lie flat to avoid any bending. In general, pieces of jewellery should not be placed on top of one another in a box, pouch or drawer.
  • Remove your jewellery before you have a bath to protect it from soap. It can cause a film to develop on your silver jewellery.
  • A polishing cloth can work wonders for your jewellery! Gently rub the cloth over your silver jewellery to clean it. Use warm water as it helps clean silver effectively. Your silver will be sparkling in no time!
  • Avoid using liquid detergents, cleaning liquids etc to clean your silver jewellery.
  • Observe your jewellery for any small damages regularly as repairing a cracked piece of jewellery is easier than repairing a broken one. For any repairs or advice don’t hesitate to contact us!
Clap eyes on: We recommend that the jewellery is kept in the case provided by Mata Payal’s or in any plastic case to prevent it from damaging or tarnishing.
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